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TLine was created in 2003 as a distributor and integrator of data storage technology with a primary focus on Latin America. We have offices and operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. After more than 12 years distributing and selling technology in Latin America, we partnered with Dell Computers, becoming the number one partner for the region, and the only regional Dell-Only partner. Our focus is to be the technical expert for our customer base and to ensure a world class experience. TLine is one supplier of full service virtualization from the desktop to the data center. Our goal is to offer supply contracts and services for businesses in traditional and vertical markets, state and local government agencies. We are committed to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Why Tline

Por qué Tline

Por que Tline

  • Because for the las 12 years we have been delivering IT solution to customers of all sizes in the Latin American region.

  • Because of our technical expertise, with local certified engineers in every Dell product and in each country where we operate.

  • Because our competitive prices and fast delivery, we can deliver your full solution, from start to finish just in weeks.

Our team

Nuestro equipo

nosso time

  • Carlos Pino

    International business executive, founded and have been operating the company since the begining. Under his administration, Tline has become Dell Leader Partner in the region.

  • Sylvia Bellio

    Dedicated entrepreneur, started our Brazilian operation over 10 years ago, and during this years she has managed to position our company as the number one Dell parter in Brazil.

  • Mónica Cárdenas

    With her deep undertanting of the local IT market, started and has managed our Chilenian operation, takin our local branch to be the number one Dell and VMware Reseller in Chile.

  • Victor Paredes

    Brilliant engineer, is the brain of our team, and responsible for some of the most complictad and functional solutions that we delivered during the years.

  • Diego Ois

    Argentinian business executive, has operated the Argentinian office for years and position the local branch as Dell Leader Partner in the country.

What Clients say

Que dicen los clientes

que os clientes dizem

  • client

    Great Knowledge, perfect delivery, outstanding support. Tline became our goto Dell supplier.

  • client

    No cofusion at all with the product or the service we were receiving. I will recomend Tline to all of my associates.

  • client

    They were with us during the whole process, from product selection to delivery to support. Incredible team.